a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth

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Before the term "dab" was coined, the move has long been a feature of Japanese popular culture for decades, regularly appearing in anime and manga, for example. A popular example is the 1990s anime series Dragon Ball Z, where the character Gohan (as The Great Saiyaman) occasionally performs the dab move.[3] It is known as a "Sentai move" in Japan, from its popular use in the Super Sentai tokusatsu superhero series since the 1970s (localised as Power Rangers in the 1990s); the English dub of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS (2017) adds a joke referring to a Sentai move as "the dab".[4] Other anime series where the dab move appears include the 1990s show Detective Conan, the 2000s show Naruto, and the early 2010s show Love Live, among others.[5] The K-pop group Crayon Pop also appear to have performed the dab dance in the early 2010s.[6]

The dance had a surge in popularity throughout mid-2014.[7] Musicians on the Quality Control Music label had claimed the dab was invented by rapper Skippa Da Flippa and had origins in the Atlanta hip-hop scene in the 2010s. Another rap group on that label, Migos, who released a single in 2015 titled "Look at My Dab," had claimed to have invented the move,[8] but they later agreed that Skippa Da Flippa was the inventor after criticism from a third member of that label, OG Maco.[9]

American rapper Bow Wow attempted to explain the origin of the dab dance, saying it derived from the cannabis dabbers community, which started in about 2012, before the dance move. He was met with opposition from other rappers who immediately took to Twitter to insult him and disprove his claims.[10] The rappers Peewee Longway, Jose Guapo and Rich the Kid contributed to popularizing the dab dance.[11]
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