Adventures of Aipom Episode 06.5: "Masks" ▰ Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Webseries

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Episode 6.5 : As Wire returns to Conton City shortly after the dead-man's switch is triggered, the streets are alive and in mourning, hardly the bustling landscape it was previously known as. Having lost a pillar in the community and his squadron, the citizens are fearing the worst: that the monsters beyond the stars will return after 7 years to ravage and destroy the landscape once more. In an effort to gain momentum and make his newly appointed position a permanent one, he has gone through the trouble of tracking down Udoo, a notable figure in Conton's history. His timing is suspicious though, as the only one to receive a scrambled message was the sleeping dragon himself!

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Adventures of Aipom Episode 06.5: "Masks" ▰ Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Webseries
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