Anime is Not Just For Kids! Its For Everyone! | About Anime (+ Tokyo Ghoul AMV!)

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Maine is video me kaha hy ke anime is not for kids I mean to say ki it's not just for kids of course kids ke catogery alag hoti hai anyone can watch anime there are actually types of animes for their age group so I'm here and I'm going to say hear for long os I just want to say that I'm an otaku and you can except anime content on this channel like AnimeCon/ComicCon and in fact I'm planning on posting more AMV on this channel.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 - Intro
00:24 - Anime Not For Kids!
02:05 - Tokyo Ghoul AMV
04:36 - Anime Is For Everyone
05:16 - Anime vs Hentai
06:13 - Don't Watch Anime
06:29 - Death Note (recommendation for starters)
07:34 - Where to Watch?
07:59 - Outro
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