Aot - War Hammer Titan Transformation Comparison - Trailer Vs Anime [Images only]

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I have made dialogue comparison video also. Visit my channel for dialogue comparison videos.
Zeke Yeager's Scream [English vs Japanese]

NOTE — Please do not report. I know most of you are disappointed because I have used only images. I have written in video title "[Images only]" , so don't report. I uploaded comparison video in the past but it got removed because people reported Scam, Spam etc. because they thought I have added videos of that scene but the reality was that I added only images. And they thought I am making fake thumbnails just to attract people for views. This time, I have already mentioned "images only" so there's nothing to report about.

ANOTHER NOTE — Images aren't mine. I took them from from trailer and E6 preview.

ANOTHER NOTE — Music isn't mine also.

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