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Bubba Wallace nuse [MISTAKE] Is Anime better Sub or Dub? Could LeBron be President? - Two Broke Boyz

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The Bubba Wallace nuse ends up being a mistake! Should you watch Anime in Sub or Dub? Could LeBron become President of the United States? How important is a messenger when it comes to spreading a message? Democratic election RECAP. How much of our personality is hereditary? What are the Top 5 animated shows to show your kids one day?

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Time Code Map
1:11 - Bubba Wallace nuse ends up being fake! But did NASCAR still do the right thing?
14:42 - Is a Good message from bad messenger worth listening to?
20:19 - Americans have a problem generalizing everything and everyone
27:34 - Should you watch Anime in Sub or Dub?
35:15 - Why Cartoons are very important for a young kid’s development
39:00 - Top 5 shows to show your future child
41:40 - How much of our personality is hereditary?
44:17 - Why people feel pressure to get married in late 20s
48:10 - Any conversation you have long enough you get to Hitler
51:37 - Democratic elections
58:14 - Could LeBron become President of the United States of America
1:05:16 - J Cole’s Born Sinner Album Review

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