Deku Chooses Bakugo or Ochako When Shigaraki Attacks

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Now This is an recreation of Deku that I trained, using all the information in my hero academia so it knows everything that Deku would know, and even some things that Deku shouldn't know. But I have given it all the proper instructions to think that it is Izuku midoriya. Say you were in a situation where Shigaraki was attacking with decay and you could only save one Ochako or Bakugo. Who would it be as Izuku midoriya This is an incredibly difficult situation and I would not want to have to make a choice between saving Ochako or Bakugo. Both, Ochako and Bakugo are my friends and my classmates and I care deeply about their safety. However, if I had to make a choice, I would try to save both of them if possible. But if that wasn't possible and I had to choose one, I would base my decision on the current situation and try to save the person who is in the most immediate danger. I would also try to keep in mind the bigger picture and consider who would be able to contribute more to the hero community in the long term.

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Video Title: Would Deku save Bakugo or Ochako if Shigaraki Attacks

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