Deku’s Mom is Related to Nana Shimura and Shigaraki | My Hero Academia Theory Explained

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Could Deku and Shigaraki actually be COUSINS and not realize it? In MHA’s first chapters we got to see a younger and skinnier Inko Midoriya with her son Izuku, however as time goes on Inko gains weight because of the guilt she feels from being unable to tell Deku that he could be a hero, however when All Might meets Inko, he’s quick to comment that she reminds him of his master somehow, saying maybe it’s the hair. Knowing Horikoshi and his writing style this jumped out to me as what could be a nod to Inko Midoriya’s true identity, because it’s true that Inko does look quite a bit like Nana, but by the time that All Might meets her she looks different enough to not make All Might suspicious, however could Inko’s weight gain have been a purposeful decision by Horikoshi to hide the similarities between her and All Might’s master to keep this reveal hidden for later, and this all gets spookier when you remember that Inko’s quirk is very similar to Nana’s quirk, with Inko being able to float objects, and Nana being able to float HERSELF, so is Inko just inspired by a hero from the past and her hairstyle, or could there be something even darker going on here?

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Video Title: Deku’s Mom is Related to Nana Shimura and Shigaraki | My Hero Academia Theory Explained

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