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Fate/Stay Night UBW Abridged - Ep5: Combat High

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---Mouthwash Studios Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged Ep5---

After being attacked by Archer and just barely managing to survive, Shirou returns to school determined to show Rin what's what. Suddenly the school becomes a battlefield, with all of the student's lives on the line.

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Written by Logan Laidlaw
Edited by Logan Laidlaw / Lip Sync by Aaron Robert Parnell


Shirou Emiya - Matthew "YamatoSFX" Kok
Archer - Logan Laidlaw
Saber - Ariel Hansen
Rin Tohsaka - Corey Woods
Shinji Matou - Kenneth Tynan
Caster - Ama Bennington
Rider - Cassandra Cavalli
Sakura Matou - Carrie "xbubblemunkyx" Johnston
Kazuki "Yamashiro" Souichirou - Jesse Inocalla
Kirei Kotomine - Al Dales
Gilgamesh - Logan Laidlaw
Extras (Tokusetsu, School Kids, Skeletons) - Logan Laidlaw

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