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Amazing adult games
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From the voice of Toko Aoi in Beyblade Burst Turbo to the voice of Hitomi Sagan in the video game AI: The Somnium Files, and from shy characters to superhero sounds, Dorah Fine does it all! She’s an actor and an educator and such a delight to visit with!

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I’m Elise Baughman and I’m an actress, TV host, and the voice of Pan on Dragon Ball GT. On Anime Adventures I interview fellow anime voice actors and others as I travel the country going to comic cons, anime conventions, and recording studios.

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Dorah and I visited one night after A-Kon in Dallas, TX.
In addition to voicing Toko Aoi in Beyblade Burst Turbo, which airs on Teletoon and Disney XD, Dorah also voices Sakura’s Mother in the anime film, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas coming out in theatres soon. You can hear her in the Netflix original, Treehouse Detectives as Burrowing Owl, Deer, Mama Condor and Vole. Dorah is also Aaron’s Mother in Granblue Fantasy: The Animation, Aum Madura in Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic, Longinus in the Fallen Legion video games, Alicia in Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship, and many other great roles.

Dorah is the education coordinator at Adventures in Voice Acting. Brought to you by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Adventures in Voice Acting Training events are held at their studios in Burbank, CA and in major cities across the country. Students will get lots of "hands-on" experience in a real studio working in front of a microphone. All voice acting training events are conducted by a professional voice actor-director instructor with experienced recording engineers at a professional recording studio using equipment and techniques currently used in the voice over industry. Teachers include Tony Oliver, Julie Maddalena Kliewer, and David Sobolov. Classes include Intro to Voice Acting, ADR Workout, Improv, Character Voice Acting, Getting Out of Your Head, and several other great classes focused on voice acting technique, acting for anime and video games, and being able to improvise at the job.
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