How to DRAW Anime girl in SIDE VIEW [Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners]

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How to Draw Anime girl in SIDE VIEW*Anime drawing tutorial for Beginners

Dear Viewers&my subscribers,
I was planning to make my tutorial on 1pm in the afternoon but sadly I'm very sick because of my fever, i have so much delays and ended up filming at 5pm, I'm really sorry if the video is a little dim and blurry because it is almost night but I hope that you can still observe my process and get some ideas throught it. I have fixed my cam so I promise to have a better video quality next time. Hope you'll understand and it's ok for me if you'll dislike the video.


For the outlines: 0.5 Mechanical pencil 2B lead, 0.5 and 0.7 gel ink pen
For the shadings: 4B and 5B Staedler graphite pencil (blue), charcoal pencil (soft) lead
For the smudging: #6 blending stick
For the eraser: faber castell eraser
For the paper: substance 44 worx board

Reference link (see the original drawing):
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