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Kakashi Declares War To Save Hokage Naruto's Life In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

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For most of Naruto Uzumaki's life, Kakashi Hatake has stood behind him, watching him grow from a hyperactive knuckle headed genin to being the wise hokage that he currently is now. However, it's during the era of Boruto Naruto Next Generations that Kakashi finds himself going back to a darker state of mind as he finds himself willing to cross the ultimate lines, including declaring a private war on certain members of a country's leadership, in order to save the life of his former student and man he groomed to become his successor as seventh hokage!

After seeing firsthand how terribly Naruto's deadly chakra illness had affected his body and being told that if a cure is not found soon it could lead to the death of Naruto, Kakashi travels like a man possessed over twenty days non stop to the land of Redaku to find a cure for an illness only Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths have ever had!

However, as Kakashi slips back into the mindset of his Anbu days, Kakashi discovers information about the land of Redaku that finds the former hokage in a situation where he must cross a line that a former hokage shouldn't. The country is in such dire straits that he can't turn his head to the suffering of the people, but after learning one of the people in power might be responsible, Kakashi realizes that if he's going to discover a cure for Naruto's illness, he's going to have to throw himself into the conflict brewing inside Redaku, working his way into the political system and bring down those responsible for the suffering of these people, which means Kakashi essentially has to declare his own private war against the prime minister of Redaku. It's during this cat and mouse game that Kakashi finds himself taking part in that Kakashi will finally gain access to information that could lead to saving Naruto's life, however, the battles ahead will push Kakashi both mentally, emotionally, and physically push Kakashi to a new level of strength that we have never seen before!
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