Lets Play BoxingGirl's MOBIUS Anime Girl Boxing School GYM Margarita VS Chana BRAWL FIGHT #5

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So again anime girl boxing in the School GYM.
I upload some more school anime girl fight boxing with Margarita and Chana.
Margarita is a pro boxed and Chana is a Muay Thai fighter . it was a bawl fight and very massive but Chana take the win after an amazing girl boxing match.
Today my girl not was the best in the boxing ring and she got rekt in the end of the video but she was really good to even she lost because she give all she got.
Well hope you like this video and if you want see more write me.
Thanks for watching! :"P

Game Name : BoxingGirl's MOBIUS
Console : Microsoft Windows

Intro Anime : HighSchool DXD Raynare
ShadyShin Logo : Photoshop CS5
EDIT By : Me
Recording Software : Wondershare Filmora Scrn
Аниме школа

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