Looking through high school anime doodles

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This video is me talking about art a little bit and showing you some sketches/drawings from high school. Turned out they were all anime/video game related. I think this stuff is from grade 10 and grade 11, 2004. Honestly I thought this binder was gonna have more “art” in it but it’s mostly just “doodles”, hence my PROPER intro rambling about “art” before I open this subpar binder. Surprise! So, not quite as intriguing as I thought this trip would be. Anyway, so as you will see, if you care in the slightest enough to watch this, it’s mostly Peach Girl. It’s a strange amount of Peach Girl. And a little bit of JRPGs, Witch Hunter Robin, and a few other unknown animes. Just drawing other people’s drawings. Was it fun to watch? Not quite sure. But here it is. I’m sure I have more interesting art to review on here in the future. But anyway, there ya have it.
Аниме школа

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