Ranking The Greatest Anime Villains From Weakest To Strongest

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The Strongest And Weakest Popular Anime Villains Ranked

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There’s no denying that people love a good villain, especially when it comes to anime. The reason for this is usually the insane and eccentric personalities of these villains, but their power, abilities and battles are also part of the reason why they’ve become so popular over the years. In other words, in order to determine who the best villains are amongst all of anime, we have to look at the overlap of super powerful villains and well-written, popular villains, which is exactly what we did with this video.

We sifted through the most popular villains in all of anime and filtered it down to some of the strongest among them, ranking them from weakest to strongest to find the greatest of them all. From Obito Uchiha to the antagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist, there are plenty of badass villains who deserve to be ranked among the best. Other examples include Perfect Cell of Dragon Ball Z, The Anti Spiral of Gurren Lagann, Ragyo Kiryuin of Kill La Kill, Zeref of Fairy Tail, Sosuke Aizen of Bleach and Lord Boros of One-Punch Man. Suffice to say, there are a lot of great villains in anime and some of the most powerful among them beg to be ranked from weakest to strongest. Check out this video to see who made the cut, who’s at the bottom and who ranks at the top. Let us know what you think down in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more anime videos.


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