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Hey, Kids catch our very own small and mighty Smighties in a fun and exciting #cartoon compilation of adventure, fun, and laughter for kids. Watch our Girls #Rescue Adventure Episode!

Friendfest is about to be ruined when the Smighties get the Switcherozee Surprise from the Villains and switch personalities. They get the ultimate lesson in friendship when they learn to appreciate each other and defeat Sneevil and Biggs.
Trolly Troll arrives in Smightyland, but her big size scares everyone except Leila. Leila befriends the gentle giant and when Sneevil creates his Mecha-Sneevil Machine and tries to destroy everything, it's Trolly Troll's "bigness" that helps save the day.
"When Leila's home is destroyed by Sneevil,she (and her cat) move in with Zip, but the two could not be any more opposite! Will they work our their differences when Sneevil traps them in a big bubble?
It's Silly Smighty Day and Zap thinks he's just too serious of a Smighty to show his silly side. But all that changes when Sneevil and Biggs transform Smighties into helpless puppies. Now Zap has to put on the act of a lifetime and pretend to be a puppy to stop the Villains.
Zap's exhausted from being such a great hero and the other Smighties convince him to take a vacation. The villains capture him and puppet him to the Castle to help them steal the Smighty Stones. It's now up to the Super Six to save Zap.
Nardy celebrates the Light Region Light Show with edible fireworks, while Sneevil makes a volcano erupt with flowing lava, threatening all of the Smighties. It's up to the Super Six to use their powers and save the day.
Sneevil and Biggs dig tunnels underneath the Castle that bring it crashing down underground. Melody and Nardy must face their fears and work together to bring the Castle back up to Smightyland.
Sneevil gets amnesia and the Smighties take him on a camping adventure. They have a great time with him until he gets his memory back!

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