[study vlog] online school vs anime, True Beauty, shopping and procrastinating a lot in college

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Hello loves!
I know I didn't upload last week and I really regret this TT I keep promising myself to stop procrastinating and truly start to be more productive but yeah... Actually, I didn't really procrastinate, but my time was super limited by online classes, presentations, assignments, homework and my job TT I am doing my best, I swear haha.

In this video, I took some lectures, and started watching anime again! Omg, I used to be crazy about animes in high school but college hit me and I kinda forgot about them and I started mostly to read mangas :D Btw, I highly recommend you True Beauty, it is absolutely amazing! :D I was watching Haikyuu and Boku no Hero Academia, since there aren't any new animes that caught my attention. Please let me know some nice animes!

Hope you will like it and thank you for being here~ Take care of you!

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