The Epic Element Anime Adventure - Genshin Impact - Liyue Archon and Story Quests!

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It's finally time to do the quests in Liyue, since we've been putting them off for so dang long! Let's get as many done as we can!

Game Information:

Genshin Impact is a free Gacha style adventure game. The adventure takes place by going around a giant world, exploring to your hearts content, unlocking the secrets of the elements, and fighting fantastic beats. The Gacha portion is related to spending money to unlock more characters, cosmetics, and heroes on your journey, however this game seems to have the Gacha portion to be an afterthought while the main story can go strong with no money spent! Let's explore this fantastic world!

Chat Rules:
1) Be respectful to those in chat. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
2) No RPing. At all. Please.
3) Please keep conversations focused on the game, but if you want to ask something other game related, feel free to ask respectfully.
4) Do not overuse curse words. I'll let some slide, but some words will result in an immediate ban.
5) Have fun in the chat and enjoy the positive atmosphere!
6) No backseat gaming. At All. You will be timed out immediately.
7) No spoilers on any game other than games Kit has finished on stream.

Other Bits of Information:
Twitter: @XerraWolf
Switch Code: SW-0013-9840-5824
Goal for the Game: Play the Game
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