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The Tragedy of Obanai Iguro x Mitsuri Kanroji Love Story! Snake x Love Pillar Demon Slayer Explained

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Demon Slayer manga chapter 189 and 188 breaks down the snake pillars love interest with Mitsuri Kanroji, Obanai Iguro lived a tragic life in his childhood but is facing Muzan for the final battle in Demon slayer (kimetsu no Yaiba), we explained Obanai iguro x mitsuri kanroji love story.
the snake pillar turns his nichirin sword (blade) red against him just like the other pillars did against the strongest demon from the 12 demon moons named Kokushibo, who was Yoriichi Tsugikuni brother. Nezuko is coming to battle against Muzan, she will have to save Tanjiro's life from the demon art poison with her own powers. Nezuko will only turn human again after defeating Muzan.

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