Top 10 Strangest Weapons Of Feudal Japan

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10. The Kyoketsu-Shoge — The Ninja’s Rope And Dagger Weapon
9. Blow Dart Pipes Disguised In Instruments And Similar Items
8. The Kanabo — A Strange Blunt Weapon Heavily Featured In Folklore
7. Many Do Not Realize Sais Were Mostly Used As Blunt Weapons And By Police
6. Kama Techniques Can Easily Cause You To Hurt Yourself
5. The Boat Oar (Eku) Was Bizarre — Hard To Use, And Loved By Fishermen
4. They Had Their Own Version Of Caltrops (Makibishi) To Slow Their Enemies
3. Kusarigama: Not Just A Weapon From Anime And Manga
2. Reverse Blade Sword: Not Just For Rurouni Kenshin
1. The Feudal Japanese Used Mini Rockets Fired From Bows

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