Wear your sxy anime boots to war and...

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So I haven't been around. Been bizzzzeee.. But when I got back i swapped out mah-garb for happy head gear, wings and things, -but it was the anime hooker boots that drew in my first new friend of the night while roaming alone deep DEEEEP in enemy territory. It had to be kismet(and was) cuz her name was #HassanSabbahFate!
The night was long, filled with valor, laughs; and along with one of the best scouts i've ever run into, we racked up those pips. It was truly the unholy trinity of wvw. We alone pissed the living manties off maguuma so bad they rolled out like 12 to15 golems just for us. Woot!
Kept stealin their thunder all through the night.I totally recommend anime hooker boots for roaming.
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