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Why the Emo Kids and the Hood Folk Love Anime

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Ever wonder why emo kids and hood folk can be so different, come from widely different sets of experiences, but yet are able to bond over their love for anime? Well, episode 6 of the AnimeRamblinBoiz podcast has you covered! We analyze how seemingly separate groups of people and communities (people who listen to punk, hip pop, rap, and emo rap etc) converge with fellow anime fans in their admiration of the anime as a medium representing overcoming adversity and defying the status quo.

Fascinated by the seemingly random intersectionality between all these different groups and their distinct backgrounds? Curious what links them all together under the umbrella of anime? How do the Avocado Wars in Mexico and the US play a role in all of this? Will Silver get jumped for bringing up the Avocado Wars? Listen to this episode and become red pilled today.

Peace. Love. Prosperity.

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