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Why You SHOULD Watch Love is War | Pinoy Geeks Review Anime Ep.3 (Tagalog)

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Confession is not always the right way to do it. In this rom-com where confession is not the answer to their problem, but a battle of wits and heart to whoever confess first! How did you confess to your lover?

- 0:00 - Intro
- 0:43 - Background of the Anime
- 1:45 - Trivia
- 2:13 - Awards & Accomplishments
- 2:59 - Anime Review
- 9:01 - Positive/Negative Reviews
- 11:43 - Anime Score
- 12:24 - Outro

- Clarisse
- Joe
Edited by: Joe
Writer: Clarisse & Joe
Produced by: Clarisse & Joe

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