A Shirtless Day At School

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After my parents’ divorce I stayed with my mom in a big mansion, but then my mom decided to marry this guy who was horrible to me. He always called me a brat and made me clean up after him. So when they wanted to get married, I told my mother that’s it’s either gonna be me or him, but then she chose him! So I decided that I will move to live with my dad. At that point in my life, I haven’t seen my dad in 15 years and on top of that, he lived in a different state. I flew there and when I met him I was actually disgusted. He smelled and his home was messy and dirty. On top of that, my dad lived in a small village, he didn’t own any electronics and everything he used was ancient. He didn’t even have wifi in the house! The next morning my dad drove me in his old truck to my new school and when I entered the school, everything looked pretty weird. I have been going my whole life to an elite school, you could say that it was pretty fancy. But this one, well… it had rats running around the hallways, it smelled and the people there looked homeless. When it was time to introduce myself in class, everyone was staring at me. I told them my name is Klara and I just moved to town, but then one guy screamed, “how convenient for a girl like you to move to this cold-ass town”. All the boys laughed as they looked at me and smirked. I sat at the back of the class trying to keep a low radar, but when the chemistry class came I got partnered up with a guy named Steven. Steven kept flirting with me and mentioning how I looked. But when he asked for my number I refused to give it to him, so he spilled some blue liquid on my chest and said that it was by accident. I freaked out and took my shirt off quickly because I didn’t want this liquid from the lab to harm my skin. I tried to cover myself in my notebook so no one would see my bra... but they did, and the whole class started laughing. I was so embarrassed! But then, I felt a hand me. I looked over and it was a guy who I never saw before. He covered me with his jacket and asked me to come with him. I had no other choice so I did as he told me. We left class and he gave me a napkin to dry out my tears. He told me “The guys here are pigs, you better watch out” And he just walked away. I didn’t even get a chance to ask him his name or to say thank you. The next day when I came to school, I wore a black hoodie and tried to hide my face because I didn’t want to talk to anyone. But then one of the guys came up to me and said, “hey Klara, I couldnt help but notice that you have a really nice cleavage, I mean, I saw what you were hiding in there yesterday and mannn... It was real nice! you are so hot! I would love to take you out sometime! What do you say?” “Move out of my way asshole!” I screamed. But then, another guy named Mark came up to me and said, “why are you playing to get? Girls here would die to go out with any of us,” and he gave a smirk to the guy standing next to him. “Please just leave me alone” I screamed again, but then one of the other guys came and put his arm around my shoulder and said “this is not how you approach a girl like her, you just need to show her some lovin” and he squeezed me against his body and refused let go. I wanted to scream for help but I knew that I had no friends here and no one would come to help me. But suddenly, I saw the same mysterious guy who had helped me the day before. He stood next to me and told the boys to leave me alone. “She loves the attention, just go away weirdo,” Mark told him. But then, this mysterious guy grabbed Mark and punched him in the face so hard. I thought Mark would get up and punch him back since he was a buffed guy, but then I saw Mark crying! All the boys had left and I stayed alone there, staring at this guy. “Uhm.. t-thank you,” I said, but he didn’t reply and started walking away. I ran after him and asked him to wait, but he didn’t want to talk to me. When I got home after school, I was shocked to see that my dad was with a woman. When I came in they both looked surprised and my dad asked why was I home so early. Did he like to forget when I finish school? The woman was wearing trashy clothes. She looked like a total hoe and I didn’t really want to think about what she did with my dad, so I went upstairs to my room without eating anything. I sat in my room and I was having a miserable night. I couldnt believe that my life turned out this way. But that’s when I noticed that there was someone standing outside watching me in the dark. I opened my window and shouted, hey you, I see you! Come out of the bushes! A minute past before that person showed himself. It was the mysterious guy. “Oh, that’s you, what are you doing here?” I asked him. It took him time before he said “I just wanted to make sure that you were safe” I told him to come up to my room so we could have a proper chat and he did. He sat on my bed and I asked him for his name. He said that it was Nate.
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