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ACW Animania V | Part 2

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"Part 2"

On May 7th, 2007, one curious, young man had a dream that he wanted to create a spectacle that celebrated the ambiance of Anime Championship Wrestling. At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, he called it Animania.

Tonight, ACW returns to those stomping grounds to celebrate 12 years of excellence by putting out the best Animania to date. All championships will be defended along with two traditional Road to Destiny matches. Moments will be made, feuds will be settled, and stars will be immortalized.

Welcome to Animania V, 10+ years in the making! #gethype #AnimaniaV


Animania V Match Card

Excel World Championship
Haru Glory (c) v. Edward Elric

Impulse World Championship
Sasuke Uchiha (c) v. Naruto Uzumaki

Trunks v. Goten

Television Championship
Sagat (c) v. Akuma

Intercontinental & Cruiserweight Championship
Hiei (IC) v. Eren Jaeger (CW)

Excel Tag Team Championship
Night Raid (Wave & Lubbock) (c) v. Aang & Ichigo Kurosaki

Impulse Tag Team Championship
Shoryuken (Ryu & Ken) (c) v. Sand Brothers (Kankuro & Gaara)

Excel Road to Destiny Match
Soma Yukihira v. Tatsumi v. Rock Lee v. Joe Higashi

Impulse Road to Destiny Match
Monkey D. Luffy v. Zuko v. Neji Hyuga v. Dark Magician

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