Anime Voice Actor Interview with Mario Castañeda

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I interview the voice of Goku from the Spanish dub of the Dragon Ball series in Latin America – Mario Castañeda! He’s also the voice of Bardock! We were guests together at Kameha Con and I loved visiting with him. He’s as nice as he is talented.

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I’m Elise Baughman and I’m an actress, TV host, and the voice of Pan on Dragon Ball GT. On Anime Adventures I interview fellow anime voice actors and other people in the anime world as I travel the country going to anime conventions, comic cons, and recording studios.

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More about Mario:
Mario has also done the Spanish dub for Hidan in Naruto, Neflyte in Sailor Moon, James in Thomas & Friends, Zap Branigan in Futurama, Trapper in Yu-Gi—Oh!, and many other characters! He is also known for dubbing voices for many actors in movies including Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Willis.

Thank you to Derek Behrens for the video editing and sound engineering! You can find him at https://redrecordingaudio.weebly.com/.

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