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Fire Force [AMV] - Unknown - War Zone

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Hello dears!
Thank you for watching my video! I am constantly editing a new video for you, I will be grateful if you like it, subscribe better! You inspire me to create new videos! You give me the ability to create emotions when you watch them with pleasure, so I'll try to mount better, so that everyone likes and all got not forgotten emotions after watching my AMV. It was inspired by my favorite anime '' Darling in the Franxx '' don't forget to look! This anime touched my heart of stone and created in him new emotions! I hope I could give them to you!)
Thank you for your attention!!!
Good luck!!)

Anime: Fire Force
Music: Unknown Artist Brain Fear.MIME - War Zone

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selebrikal/


You can suggest an idea for new videos in the comments! I will be glad to make an AMV of your favorite anime!

Thank you very much)
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