I Have A Money Tree In Our Backyard - Part 2

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Amazing adult games
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My stepdad is a gambling addict. He borrowed ten thousand dollars from a casino owner. He couldn’t pay it back so the mob came after him. It wasn’t only his own life he put in danger, but also ours. I told my best-friend Pete all about this. He told me he was going to tell me a secret. It turns out Pete comes from a family of billionaires. He took me to their mansion. When he showed me his backyard, I found out where their fortune comes from: “Money trees!” Pete gave me a ‘money tree seed.’ He said to me, “Plant this in the ground. Wait for thirty days. You can pay off your stepdad’s debt with the money you harvest from the tree.” I planted the seed in our backyard, somewhere uneasy to see. But, unfortunately, the night when I saw the blossoming one-dollar bills, my stepdad caught me.
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