Long Beach Comic Con 2019 Mecha-Ude Anime Cosplay Vlog/Haul

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Hey guys, yep another con vlog lol. Had an Awesome time with friends and family at there. Also got to meet and take pictures with cool cosplayers. I made/wore my first cosplay for this con and the cosplay is from a kickstarter anime named Mecha-Ude. I will post a timelapse of the cosplay soon on my channel.
kyci- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaT03RjXI7FYN1fZlaNI_A
Quin- https://www.instagram.com/batitudeq/
Social Media

Little Mac https://www.instagram.com/thecosplayerdan/
Withered Bonnie https://www.instagram.com/dragon_drake_12/
Spiderman https://www.instagram.com/gundam_avarice/
Ryuko https://www.instagram.com/equerry_cosplay/
Ice King https://www.instagram.com/jackdiamond13/

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BIGWAVE - Fancy You
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