The Black "Red" String. - A Gacha Life Mini Movie (Gay Love Story) -(Sad love story) -White Rabbitx

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-for remaking purposes-
If you wanna remake this story, you have my approval! Just make sure you credit me for the 'original' idea of a black string.
Plus you should tell me so I can watch it hehe--

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-summing up a few things.

This video was made to show progress in character development, to make YOU have a bond with characters- so i can then break your heart.
YES! Gabriel is dead. At the end of the video. He is placed in a shock chair where he takes his last breath, as his eyes turn gray to show his passingm
Dispite all horrible things Gabriel did, his love for Archie was genuine, gabriel had many future plans for himself and Archie.
The beginning may go a little fast. This is because I exported the video, and it got corrupted. (I also had cleaned my ss folder, so all video was gone.) the decoding process was long, and the original 11 minutes ended up turning into 30. HeH. SoRrY.
No part 2! There is unfortunately no way I can redeem their un(dying) affection twards eachother.
- for the haters
Homophobic comments are removed. For saftey reasons. Plus its just rude.
I also remove comments that show disrespectful behavior twards the "gacha community". Many people are very successful. Including myself. Keep your opinions to yourself.
I remove comments that have just a mean vibe too. I dont like negative people on my channel.
Ok bye lov u --
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